Fourth Annual Stone Sour Fest

Sunday, July 18, 2010 -
Stone World Bistro
1999 Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA, USA


The human palate is capable of detecting four basic flavors, but during a typical beer tasting only two of those (well, three if you count the pretzels) are experienced: bitter, sweet, and salty. Well, here at Stone, we feel itís high time to include the fourth flavor domain, SOUR, in the equation. "Dr." Bill Sysak is busily hunting down the best sour beers the world has to offer in order to bring you one of the biggest gatherings ever held featuring these special brews.

Cost: $40

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Iím bringiní a Sonoran 200, Surly Smoke, and Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti. Is it the right time for batch 1x004 Consecration?
        Lagunitasfan, 7/12/2010
The tap list is ahh......... ahhhhh....... well, ahhh íreally goodí?
        beerguy101, 7/10/2010
Batch 1 Consecration is drinking very well right now. Much better than it was a year ago. I was planning to attend, but sadly I canít make it.
        thirdeye11, 7/9/2010
Tim, Iíd say yes.
        LtDan, 7/4/2010