Hopfenstark 4th Anniversary


I’m sure you will find something to taste in this list.

Berlin Alexanderplatz - Berliner Weisse
Ostalgia Blonde
Ostalgia Rousse
Postcolonial IPA
Blanche de L’Ermitage
La Framboise
Saison Station 7 (Bière aux herbes)
Saison Station 10 (Bière sure)
Saison Station 16 (Bière de seigle)
Saison Station 55 (Bière amère)
Saison DuRepos
Baltic Porter de L’Ancrier 2009
Baltic Porter de L’Ancirer 2010
Yule 2006
Captain Swing Barleywine 2008
Kamarad Friedrich Russian Imperial Stout 2007
Faust Triple
Greg American Foreign Stout Harvest
Kamarad Friedrich Russian Imperial Stout 2010

Hooligan Bitter
LouLou Porter/Greg/Postcolonial IPA

Bouteilles Fut de chêne:
Ostalgia Blonde
Framboise Forte 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Baltic Porter de L’Ancrier 2008
Captan Swing Barleywine 2008
Porter double a l’Erable 2009
Kamarad Friedrich (5stars) 2007
Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter de L’Ancrier 2010
Bourbon Barrel Faust triple 2010


Cost: Free

Contact Info: Fred (info@hopfenstark.com) 450-713-1060


Quevillon 11/17/2010
Glouglou, more likely to burp-out!
Glouglouburp 11/17/2010
If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one drinking beer
bedainedebiere 8/20/2010
I’ve seen: Captain Swing, the Triple and the Baltic Porter aging in whisky barrels, to be released for the occasion. "I’ll be there, I’ll be there, I will be there", as one once sang !


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