Post-GCBF Friday RateBeer Gathering

Friday, September 10, 2010 - From 9pm til you drop
CapFlu’s nest
Victoria, BC, Canada


Cost: A few rarities

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I am just looking through my bottles. I am most certainly bringing Nynäshamn Bötet, Sotholmen extra stout and Smörpundet porter I brought back from Sweden and the local Augustiner Pils. Lets see what else I can find...
        jonas, 9/5/2010
I’ll be supplying the following globe-trotting beers:

- Beck Bräu Lisberger Bock
- Old Schoolhouse Backcountry Coffee Stout
- Mikkeller Black Hole
- Tin Whistle Rattlesnake ESB

        CapFlu, 8/19/2010
I’m bringing: Pelican Saison 2010, Big Sky Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout (...and if I can fit a few others in my bag, maybe a surprise or 2!)
        DuffMan, 8/19/2010


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