OC Beer Society November Get Together

Saturday, November 27, 2010 - 12.30 - 4:30+
RSVP For Location
Laguna Niguel, CA, USA


Orange County, CA; San Diego, CA


Come join fellow RateBeerians on the 27th of November for some food and craft beer! All that you need to do is bring at least one bottle (2x12oz, 22oz, 750ml or larger) of something that you are proud to share, along with a little food to nosh on and thats it!

RSVP is required to reserve proper amount of space for all attending:
info@ocbeersociety.com or 949.891.2337

*Keep your eye on the OCBS website for details on our Annual Holiday Beer Dinner coming in December!

Cost: See Description

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OC Beer Society November


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