Avery Brewing: Margarete Release

Friday, January 28, 2011 - 6PM
The Avery Tap Room and Barrel-Aging Cellars
5757 Arapahoe Avenue, Unit B1
Boulder, CO, USA 80303


Experimentation. Ales and lagers that defy styles or categories. This is what we are about: our driving force, our passion. To further facilitate this innovative spirit, weve developed our Barrel-Aged Series where anything, and we mean ANYTHING, goes! Brewed for those as adventurous as we are!

Margarete, the object of wanton desire, is a seductive stout transformed by sour cherries and 11 months internment in bourbon barrels into a devilish union of decadent fragrances and flavors. All 59 cases of Margarete will go on sale from the Avery Tap Room on Friday, January 28th from 6PM-10PM. Due to limited quantities, each customer will have the opportunity to purchase up to six bottles (12oz) of Margarete at $10 per bottle.

Margarete Stats:
Barrel-Aged Sour Cherry Stout
Brewed with Rocky Mountain Water, Malted Barley, Sour Cherries, Turbinado Sugar, Hops and Yeast
11 Month Bourbon Barrel Internment
15.43% ABV
$10 per 12oz bottle. Limit 6 per customer.

Dont live in Colorado? Strike a deal with the devil, call your old college buddy whos still ski bumming in Breck and send him on a trip to Boulder, or get ready to book your flight once we announce the January release date!

Cost: Free - Pay for beers

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Why is this beer not $2.50 per bottle, max? Regardless, this is hardly "innovative".
        TAR, 1/19/2011
haha, indeed. they should pay me to drink this crap. @Ernest my favorite part is the four sig figs
        3fourths, 12/31/2010
But Mike, its 15%, man! Its HUGE! HUGE == GOOD!!!!
        Ernest, 12/30/2010
Ten bucks a bottle!? Fuck that noise!
        notalush, 12/30/2010


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