January Beer Dinner


Executive  Chef  Scott  Reed  will  prepare  a  special  five  course   meal  masterfully paired  with  five  special  beers.    Enjoy  this  show-­‐ case  of  flavors  in  hand-­‐crafted food  and  hand-­‐crafted  beer.  
First Course:
Pear poached in red wine and stuffed with brie and raspberries served with orange marmalade
Served with Lindemans Framboise

Second Course:
Southwestern chowder with corn, roasted poblano peppers, and pulled chicken
Served with Sierra Nevada Celebration

Third Course:
Honey glazed carrots, toasted almonds, and caramelized beets on a bed of field greens with a sweet apple vinaigrette
Served with New Belgium Vrienden

Fourth Course: Bangers and Mash featuring housemade lamb sausage with roasted Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and green bean almandine
Served with Jester King Commercial Suicide Dark Mild

Fifth Course:
Vanilla Buttermilk Chess Pie accompanied with fresh housemade toffee
Served with Jester King Whiskey Barrel Aged Commercial Suicide Dark Mild

Reservations  required,  so  please    contact  a  manager  today!    

Cost: 49.95

Contact Info: Walt (walt@homefieldgrill.com) 512-388-4663


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