RBSG 2011

Thursday, June 02, 2011 - Sunday, June 05, 2011 -

Philadelphia, PA, USA


Come and enjoy the great beer city that is Philadelphia with the company of lots of awesome RateBeerians in a four day extravaganza of beer and local culture. A basic schedule will be posted here and updated as specifics are nailed down.

Thursday: Meet and greet for early arrivals at a center city bar that can provide us with some generally private space to get to know everyone.

Friday daytime: Bus trip to some of the beer highlights of suburban Philadelphia. Stops: Sly Fox Brewing Co., McKenzie Brewhouse, Iron Hill Brewery, Capone’s. For info/bus reservations:


Friday evening: Philly Beer Week Opening Tap Festival or bar crawl on your own, based on personal preference.


Saturday daytime: Pub/brewery/bar crawl around town: Devils Den, Monk’s Cafe, Nodding Head Brewery, Johnny Brendas, Varga, Brauhaus Schmitz, Eulogy, Triumph Brewing Co., Hawthornes Cafe, Standard Tap, and Yard’s Brewing Co. amongst many other options.

Saturday evening: Grand tasting from 6pm-12am. The adventurous and still sober can then venture out to the city for one of the many Philly Beer week events that will be occuring that evening.

Sunday morning: Farewell beer brunch.

Hotel info: http://www.ratebeer.com/forums/rbsg-2011-hotel-grand-tasting-info_167512.htm


Contact Info

Jason Kramer


Any update on this?? Hotel..tour schedule..etc
        dmac, 3/5/2011
I will show up if the grand tasting is longer. That is what makes a summer gathering.
        bu11zeye, 2/10/2011
Of course I have to be out of town for part of this. Grrrrrrrrr.
        michael-pollack, 1/17/2011
In it to win it.
        hopscotch, 1/17/2011
        fata2683, 1/16/2011
I agree with Paul (Dickinsonbeer) as well; I need a place to bring that big ass 9L Pannepot Grand Reserva bottle to share with everyone once and for all!! :-)))
        ygtbsm94, 1/16/2011
I agree with Dickinsonbeer, even if only because I’ll need something to do to kill time before the 8AM train the next morning.
        Drake, 1/16/2011
I would suggest to find a place for the grand tasting to allow us to go much later than 10pm if possible. 4 hours seems very short for a grand tasting. Of the few RBSG’s I have been to, it seems the grand tasting has gone from about 5-6 to at least 2am, sometimes much later.
        Dickinsonbeer, 1/16/2011