Pliny the Younger Release

Friday, February 04, 2011 - 11AM - ?
Russian River Brewing
725 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA, USA 95404


From the Russian River blog:

"We are releasing Younger at our pub in Santa Rosa on February 4th. When the pub receives itís allocation, those kegs will be allocated to last for exactly 2 weeks. Therefore, we may run out at the pub each day, but will have more the following day for 2 weeks. It will be available in 10 oz. glasses only- no growlers or bottles to go. This will allow more beer enthusiasts like you, as well as our regular customers, to enjoy some Younger this year! And we wonít see it on Ebay!"

Cost: Pay as you go

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A number of us will be rolling by right around 11AM on opening day. Hope to see folks there!
        kmweaver, 2/1/2011


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