HOPTOMIC Bitter Beer & Food Festival


HOPTOMIC Bitter Beer & Food Festival was created to showcase the handling and brilliance of Hops! An event outside the normal offering, Hoptomic will provide access, 5oz at a time, to some of the most prized & creative of hoppy beers available Florida. If Hoppy beers are what your palate takes pleasure in; HOPTOMIC will be your bliss! Bottles, Cans, Draft or FirkinÖ showcasing the most excellent and creative usage of hops, over 35 IBUís! There will be small appetizer-sized portions of food from several targeted Restaurants and Specialty Grocers, food that will pair well with hoppy beers.

Our mission is to couple Breweries, Retailers and Consumers; for the cause of education, explanation, awareness, charity, and basic entertainment. We seek to gain NO profit from this event, but to offer an experience that will organically garner long-term value to our local Craft industry and consumers as a whole. It will be Hoptomic!

(some of the offerings)
D= Draft / B= Bottle / F= Firkin / C= Can
Avery Maharaja/ D
Avery Dugana/ B
Bells HopSlam/ D&B
Boulder BBL Aged Apricot Mojo IPA/ D
Boulder BBL Aged Mojo-Risin/ D
Ballast Point Sculpin/ D
Ballast Point Tongue Buckler Imp Red/ D
DFH My Antonia/ D
DFH 2009 120min IPA/ D
Sierra Hoptimum/ D&B
Stone Lukcy Basartd/ D
& More!

Cost: $58.50

Contact Info: Matt A. (matt_abdoney@jjtaylor.com)


FL_homer 5/24/2011
Great! Iíll be wearing my St. Bob medal!
matta 4/9/2011
Bring it on, St. Bob!
flabeer 4/5/2011
You want hoppy? Iíve got your hoppy right here!


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