Alesmith BA Release: BA Speedway Stout ’09 & BA Decadence ’08

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 0830 AM - 12 noon
Alesmith Brewery
9368 Cabot Drive
San Diego, CA, USA 92126


The long-awaited moment will soon be upon us: the newest batch of AleSmith barrel-aged beer is set for release this month on Wednesday, June 15th.

This edition of BA Speedway, barreled in ’09, is as good as ever. Excellent sweet boozey notes with accents of oak, vanilla, and pleasant oxidative aspects alongside the customary coffee and bitter chocolate roasted malt characteristics.

This has proved to be a very interesting edition of BA Decadence. The 2008 batch, an English-style barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, took on a pleasant sourness. Such quirks of nature can provide intriguing drinking experiences, like the many excellent wild ales being produced today. We think you’ll enjoy this delightfully unconventional offering.

There will be a purchase limit of (2) two bottles of ’09 Speedway Stout per person, and (1) one bottle of ’08 Decadence per person, pending turnout. We want to make sure that everyone has a great time and gets a chance to get some of this highly-anticipated beer, so we reserve the right to change the limit as the sale progresses. We will begin handing out numbers at 8:30 am and the bottle sale will begin at 12:00pm, allowing you time to leave and return if need be.


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damm im going to be in SD a day too late. i am hitting all the pizza ports on the 16th (coming down from LA), then alesmith, Ballast point, Alpine and maybe one other on friday.
        Terminus, 6/13/2011
If any of the SD locals are interested, a few of us AZ faithful will be knocking back a few pints at O’Brien’s Tuesday evening (14th). Come join us if you can.
        cbkschubert, 5/25/2011


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