Muckfest II

Saturday, June 25, 2011 - Sunday, June 26, 2011 -
Next to the trampoline
Lancaster, OH, USA 43130


Muckfest II
100% fewer strokes

Come one, come all to the second ever edition of Muckfest. This exciting two-day beer event will be the talk of the town (too bad the town is Lancaster). The first Muckfest was an incredible success, but this year’s event is sure to put fewer people in the hospital. Don’t take my word for it, however, just listen to what the experts have to say...

Brian "Ogglethorp" Overbey says: "Where are my shoes?"
John "Nolankowal" Buckley opines: "Macgruder approves!"

Planned features: Campfire, horseshoes, music?, trampoline games, nature Pud, pond jumping, Walken, beer, food, Warlock, repeating stories we’ve all heard 1,000 times, ice cream truck obstacle course, and Joe’s bachelor party!!!

Location: Baldwizard compound. Beermail for address if needed.

What to bring: Beer, food, lawn chair, clean socks, sunscreen, tent, midgets.

When: Saturday afternoon through Sunday night/Monday morning.

Contact thebaldwizard with questions.

Cost: Your Soul

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I don’t remember giving permission to use my name in association with this event. I expect to be paid royalties!
        ogglethorp, 5/24/2011


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Holiday Inn Express & Suites LANCASTER
Rating: 3 stars
1861 River Way Drive
Rooms from: $140.0
Distance from city center: 2887.63 mi.
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Hampton Inn Lancaster
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2041 Schorrway Drive
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Baymont Inn & Suites Lancaster
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1721 River Valley Circle North
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