Tucson Tasting

Saturday, August 13, 2011 - 1400
Fata2683ís House
7483 E Sycamore Park Blvd
Tucson, AZ, USA 85756


Come one, come all and enjoy some beers in our neck of the woods. Food will be provided, please only bring a beer or two to share! I plan to setup a small laptop so we can have a chat stream and use the website to look up information.

Please either contact myself or Craig(cbkschubert) if you have any questions and please feel free to bring a friend.

Cost: BEER

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Crap, canít make it, crazy work weekend.
        ragesaq, 8/12/2011
Sending a growler your guysí way for the tasting. Enjoy!
        tyler_mn, 8/4/2011
damn that sucks Eric! Wish you could have made it!
        fata2683, 7/21/2011
Well folks, looks like im going to have to cancel on this one. However, i give you permission to fire it up in my absence!!!!
        Terminus, 7/20/2011
So glad to be backin southern az. This should be good and I am just a ways down the freeway in Vail.
        highibus, 7/15/2011
Well, arondee, stop by and meet the gang.
        cbkschubert, 7/8/2011
This is pretty ironic. I was looking for beer events this year in Tucson and I noticed this was on my birthday so I clicked on it. I live down the street from you in Sycamore Park and make my own homebrew. Small world...
        arondee, 7/6/2011
I will truly be there in spirit and the spirits that will be representing me are: Captain Lawrence Saison Belgian Style Ale and Captain Lawrence Birra Decco Limone Luppolo! Enjoy my friends!
        Maltajo, 6/30/2011
Iím "in" until Iím "out". Hopefully "out" wonít happen.
        Ibrew2or3, 6/26/2011


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