Heavy Seas WOOD CASK Night + Firkin & Draft Feature

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 4 PM
1337 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC, USA 20005


For the 2nd straight year, we are delighted to feature an exceedingly rare WOODEN CASK filled with delicious Heavy Seas Craft Brew! While all 5 of our beer engine’s lines will also be flowing with 5 different Heavy Seas firkins, some even aged in oak barrels prior to entering the steel firkins, a 6th real ale will be served directly from a WOOD barrel!

Additionally, we will be pouring a bunch of different Heavy Seas beers on DRAFT! The specific Heavy Seas brews are still under consideration, but all will start pouring at 4 PM!

There is no admission fee for this event and all Heavy Seas Drafts, Steel Firkins, and the Wood Cask will be served - and priced - individually in 4 oz. tasters and full glass pours.

Cost: Free

Contact Info

Greg Engert


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