Belgian Beer Fest

Saturday, September 10, 2011 - 1-4:30 (S1), 6-9;30 (S2)
Boston Cyclorama
539 Tremont St # 2
Boston, MA, USA 02116


Saturday - September 10, 2011. Featuring an epic selection of over 125 authentic Belgian beers to inspired offerings. Session One 1-4:30pm; Session Two 6-9:30pm. $50 per ticket/session; $65 VIP.

Be Inspired.

From Dubbels to Tripels, Witbiers to Lambics, Pales to Darks, and everything in-between, discover why so many are inspired by Belgian beer and its culture.

We’ll be aiming for over 125 beers for both Belgian Beer Fest sessions, from importers as well as Belgian and American brewers who will all be pouring for your drinking pleasure.

Cost: 50 GEN, 65 VIP

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