Barrel-aged Hunahpu’s Release

Saturday, September 24, 2011 - Saturday, January 01, 2011 -
Cigar City Brewing
3924 W Spruce Street, Suite A
Tampa, FL, USA 33607


We have more details to announce regarding the release of the four barrel-aged Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout on Saturday, September 24th. Each bottle will cost $25. The four variations are:
* Bourbon barrel-aged Hunahpu’s
* Rum barrel-aged Hunahpu’s
* Whiskey barrel-aged Hunahpu’s
* Virgin Oak barrel-aged Hunahpu’s (sold in 32oz growlers)

The tasting room opens at 11am and the bottles will go on sale at 1pm. From 1pm to 3pm, ALL OF THE BOTTLE SALES ARE CASH ONLY. If there are any bottles leftover at 3pm, they will be moved to the tasting room cooler where you can purchase them with a credit card. We will have an ATM available.

There will be four lines in the brewery, which will not begin forming until immediately before bottle sales begin. Each line will sell only one of the Hunahpu’s variants. There is a one bottle limit per person per visit. After buying your bottle, you can get back in line if you wish for any of the four variants. IF YOU’RE CAUGHT CUTTING IN LINE, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. PERIOD. NO "CHAT AND CUTS."

In addition to the four BA Hunahpu’s variations, we’re pleased to announce that we will also have THREE other bottles for sale just for the big day:

* Bourbon barrel-aged Big Sound Scotch Ale
* Rum barrel-aged Big Sound Scotch Ale
* Humidor Series Imperial Stout (if we get labels in time!)

*More info on blog*

Cost: Free

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If you don’t read the CCB blog, Humidor Imperial Stout was replaced by Virgin Oak Hunahpu in the releases.
        markwise, 9/22/2011


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