GABF Tappings at the Avery Tap Room


Take a side trip up to Boulder, and you will be rewarded! These ales are rare and beloved, and many can only be had at the Avery Tap Room. Like all things rare and beautiful, we can’t guarantee that there will be enough for everyone, but we can guarantee that we’ll have something different and awesome for you. See what Avery is all about.


~ Margarete - 15.4% abv ~
stout brewed with sour cherries and aged in Bourbon barrels

~ Depuceleuse - 9.6% abv ~
100% Brettanomyces ale brewed with sour cherries and aged in Zinfandel barrels


~ Dihos Dactylion - 10.7% abv ~
sour ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels

~ Sacrilicious (Colt & Gray Collaboration) - 10% abv ~
Bourbon barrel-aged blend of Belgian Quadrupel and grape ale

special sneak preview of...

~ 2011 Rumpkin - 15.9% abv ~
Pumpkin Ale aged in Gosling’s Old Rum barrels

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