welcome back joey--you are the awesome.


Iím bringing east coast stuff as well as a couple cases of randoms from my cellar. Sure to be a couple decent brews.

Hill Farmstead, fantome, alchemist, three Floyds are the freshest Iíve picked up.

319.621.72 six zero


Cost: free!

Contact Info: joey (iowaherkeye@gmail.com) 319.621.7260


DietPepsican 10/12/2011
My spirit is a dog with a palate, fuck you!
CanIHave4Beers 10/7/2011
Andy, is your spirit allergic to dogs?
iowaherkeye 10/6/2011
Right on, Andy--hopefully we can pull something off at a later date as well. Not for sure, though. Just one dog, though! Also, shooting for a 5pm start time.
dwatowski 10/6/2011
There be a dog here, fyi.


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