Final Bottle Release of 2011

Saturday, December 03, 2011 - 9am
Jackie Os
24 West Union Street
Athens, OH, USA 45701


I am starting to put together some of the details for the next release/ anniversary extravaganza. I hope to get working on the tap list sometime later today. The tap list will be the best yet without a doubt. There is gonna be tons of beers that will be tapped during Friday and Saturday. For everyone that comes on Friday for the releases, we will have all 38 taps filled on Friday with Jackie Os brews. We will try to get the tickets out very shortly after close. This will ensure that the time spent on the sidewalk is short and sweet. As far as the bottles go, I have 8 picked out so far there is room for 1 or 2 more brews but we will see. I am going to keep the full allotment at 12-13 bottles to ensure that everyone can walk away with a full case. None of the bottles will be over $20 or under $14. We bottled Bourbon Barrel Middle Of Nowhere Stout yesterday and yielded a little over 20 cases. I am putting the final blend of Cellar Cuvee 5 into the tank today. CC5 is a blend of Brandy Barrel Superfly and Bourbon Barrel MONW stout. This Cuvee will be bottled next week. Here are some of the other brews that will hit glass, out of the 8, three will have a 2 bottle limit and Five will have a 1 bottle limit.


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