Reserve Society Barrel Aged Beer Tasting

Saturday, November 19, 2011 - 12:30 - 3:30
The Bruery Barrel House
1174 N Grove Street
Anaheim, CA, USA 92806


-It will be held at our new Barrel House at 1174 N Grove Street, Anaheim, CA 92806 (3 miles from the production brewery)

-Tickets are $50 each (after Reserve Society discount)

-2 Tickets maximum per member

-Catering provided by Beachwood BBQ!

-Pretty much every barrel aged beer that weíve made will make an appearance at some point during the event be it Loakal Red, Melange #1, Black Tuesday or Chocolate Rain. Some will be more limited that others.

There will be NO switching sessions.

-We will be pouring the same beer at both sessions.

-We are sorry, but there will be no designated driver tickets for this event. With the cost of catering and our limited space, we simply canít accomodate extra people. Please drink responsibly, have someone pick you up or ask our staff for the number of a taxi service.

-For those wondering, there will be no personal bottleshare at this event, but we will have plenty of bottles of our own to share.

**please note, as usual with our eCommerce server, tickets arenít guaranteed until the purchase has been completed. Being in your "shopping cart" is not a guarantee.**

The folks at The Bruery

Cost: 50

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Iíll be at the later session.
        BMan1113VR, 11/15/2011


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