Fullers 1845 Mass online tasting

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 8pm
All over the UK (and beyond?)
Anytown, Wales


Mass online tasting of Fullers 1845, by the UK crowd, comment in the UK(English) forum Thread.

Cost: Buy a bottle

Contact Info

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Buggering buggards, not managed to find one yet, Sainsburys has let me down and so I thought ok Jacks, Westholme Stores will have one when I nip there today, oh no 400-500+ other beers but no 1845.
        Fin, 12/13/2011
I have my bottle but will be late joining. About 830-845 for me.
        maeib, 12/12/2011
Iím ready.
        DanielBrown, 12/11/2011
I got my bottle yesterday and 12 noon isnít too early for a brew anyway so I plan to be online. I hope Hughie will be online also!
        IrishBoy, 12/6/2011
i like this shit
        Gary, 12/2/2011
Is it really so hard to find in the U.K.? No problem to get it here in Germany (Bierzwerg, Greven).....
        pivnizub, 11/25/2011
I didnít find it in Morrisons, but it is available in Waitrose.
        dynamiteninja, 11/25/2011
Christian,Stephanos and Harry, we hope to make this monthly, and Januarys event will probably be orval, so hopefully you can all join that one.
        cgarvieuk, 11/22/2011
This is a great idea for a tasting event! I wonder if I can find a bottle?
        Christian, 11/21/2011
would do if you could buy it in northern ireland!
        Beersiveknown, 11/16/2011
Work, shmirk - Iím there with bells on. *** edit: when I attempted to book December 13th off work for this (it will be 3 in the afternoon for me) my boss reminded me that day is a mandatory all-staff training day. Fucketty bleeding hell!
        HogTownHarry, 11/16/2011
Weíre both ready for action on the eastern front too.
        FatPhil, 11/15/2011