Executive Meading of the Minds

Saturday, January 14, 2012 - Letís kick things off at 3:00 PM
hopscotchís Jungalo Bungalo
2000 Pine Creek Boulevard, Building 1, Unit 202
Vero Beach, FL, USA 32966


Meads, Pyments, Gruits, Braggots, Sparkling Ciders, Ice Ciders, Perrys, Ice Perrys, funky Dry Ciders, Sakes, Ice Sakes... all are getting their tops popped.

Bring food or eat whatever Wendy prepares... itís always something very good.

You may want to bring your own tasting glass because, although I have plenty of glassware, I donít have an abundance of proper glassware for these types of beverages.

Sleep over or stay at a hotel nearby or on the beach.

Hereís the link to the google document where you can view and/or list contributions for the tasting:

Cost: Cider, Mead, Pyment, Sake

Contact Info



I added some more to the list. Sorry to hear Zack and Gumby arenít coming. I probably wont get there til 5 (I hate my job), so save me some pours. Thanks
        biggsbowler, 1/13/2012
Will do, my friend.
        hopscotch, 1/13/2012
Damn I would love to go!!
        Plovmand, 12/8/2011
        cgarvieuk, 11/27/2011
Iíll bring some kick ass cheeses from Hawethorne, FL. And my man boobs.
        CheesedMan, 11/27/2011


If You're Staying Local
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