12 pubs of 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012 - 1500hrs
Toronto Wide
Toronto, ON, Canada


What better way to kick off 2012 and give two fingers to the winter than by going on a pub crawl to some of the best Craft Beer bars around

The rules are few and simple:

All except for the 1st & last pub are 1 drink only pubs i.e. no hanging around for two or three but hey - if youíre a fast drinker youíre welcome to have as much as ya like.

The crawl will move on regardless, so if youíre running late or waiting on a friend etc, just stay put at the bar youíre in, or move with the crawl and let your friend know where we are. Same goes for if you want to eat, stay at the bar youíre in and catch up with us or grab street meat/pizza etc enroute to the next bar

Simple eh?

I can be contacted by any time during the crawl at 647-989-9644 or garthicus@hotmail.com

Seeing as this is on a Sat the TTC offer day passes for $10 that covers two adults all day/night.. might be a good idea to share with a friend.

The *finalized* list will be out soon but itís looking like:
Burger Bar
Cloak and Dagger
Smokeless Joes
The Magpie (Depending on opening time, if closed substitute in The Village Idiot or Ein Stein )
Sin and Redemption
The Queen and Beaver
The 3 Brewers (Perhaps the Imperial or Ein Stein or Duke of Somerset)
Bar Volo
Beer Bistro
Cíest What?
Bier Markt
The Town Crier

Cost: 0

Contact Info

Alan (Garthicus)


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