Fastelavn Smagning - Carnival Tasting

Saturday, February 18, 2012 - 13.00
fonefan house
Ulfborg, Denmark 6990


Bring some beers for others to taste

Saturday the 18th of februar @ our place in Ulfborg, in the western part of Denmark

It will be a Carnival Tasting (Fastelavn Tasting) for ratebeerians

We will start around 13.00 which suits with trains arrivals both from north/east & south

It will be possible to sleep at our place on the floor. You will have to bring your own sleeping gear. (We have a mattress that a few of you can borrow, this is mainly a offer/help for people traveling by train or plain)

3Ż km from our place there is a camp site, RejkjŠr Camping, where it also will be possible to rent holiday cabins

- You will have to bring a couple of beers for the tasting and some cheese and crips for snacks

- We will have some sandwiches for lunch at arrival

- In the evenning Charlotte will make us some food. Is on a Dutch party basis, we will do the shopping and we share the costs

- Max 12 participant, so please sign in ASAP to make sure you can come to the tasting.

Cost: share

Contact Info

Jan Bolvig


Ryanĺs got two wives?
        Papsoe, 1/23/2012
Yespr og MiP har ferieudgang - sň vi dukker op :)
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me and the wife wife
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