Brew Your Own Pale Ale in Brooklyn with a Craft Beer Expert


Join Private Tap, 61 Local and to learn to make beer perfectly suited to your taste!

- Brew beer from start to finish at a hands-on workshop in Brooklyn
- Discuss the details of beer and the home brew movement over a pint with your host
- Come to 61 Local to enjoy the beer you made when it’s ready in a few weeks
- All ingredients and beer is included in the price

Start your journey to becoming a true beer aficionado by learning how to home brew with Fritz Fernow, a veteran of the Brooklyn brewing scene who works with Private Tap ( ), the online home for everything local in craft beer.

A life-long lover of strong and flavorful beers, Fritz will help you make a West Coast Pale Ale at his home in Cobble Hill. While you’re waiting for something to heat up or cool down, there will be plenty of time to ask Fritz how to perfect the process.

After the brewing is done you’ll walk around the corner to 61 Local ( ), a Brooklyn public house that supports great local craft producers, where Fritz will review the day’s activities over a well-deserved pint. We’ll invite you back to 61 Local for a tasting party in a few weeks when your beer has fermented.

Cost: $35

Contact Info: Chris ( 646-543-0383


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