Drink Michigan Liberty Street Beer Promotion

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 7-9pm
Foranís Grand Trunk Pub
612 Woodward
Detroit, MI, USA 48226


Come join us the fans of Drink Michigan and Liberty Street Brewing to celebrate four great brews from the brilliant mind of Joe the brewer.

Steamy Windows (ABV 5.6%) - Very much like a bitter pale ale, but this California Common is fermented with a lager yeast to create a crisp taste with fruity notes.

Red Glare (ABV 5.2%) - This is our flagship beer. Caramel notes on the front of this beer are quickly balanced with a mild hop bitterness. Easy drinking for just about anybody.

Starkweather Stout (ABV 6.3%) - Formerly known as; LS Foreign Extra Stout. This stout is full of chocolate flavor and aroma coming from grain only. A rich mouth feel mellows the slight hop bitterness and makes this an easy drinking stout, even in warmer weather.

The American (ABV 6.7%) - A decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American pale ale. American hop character can be described as being citrusy, piney, fruity and resiny.


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