A Noble Event (Black Isle takeover)


On March 27th youíll find us hanging out at Nobles bar in the bohemian and eclectic land of Leith in Edinburgh. Nobles is a fantastic bar with a quirky style thatís hard to beat, the staff are fab, the beers are local and interesting and the food? Well, where else can you get a rabbit burger? Itís our kind of place.

If you go down to Nobles you can get a pint of Blonde, Goldeneye on keg or their bespoke Nobles IPA on cask. Except on March 27th. On March 27th we will be showcasing the following...

On keg:

A nitrogenated Red Kite (Weíve got a name for it, and if you come on the night you can join in with the fun)





Export Scotch (first time on draught)


Geoffrey the Tortoise

A brand new beer weíre not telling you about, but itís brand new and ace.

On Cask:

Unfined Nobles IPA

One very very special unfined whisky aged Goldeneye that you will not be able to get again, not even once.



Nobles Bar
0131 629 7215


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