The Official 3 Stars Brewing Company Launch at ChurchKey!

Thursday, August 09, 2012 - 4pm
1337 14th St NW
Washington, DC, USA


Thursday, August 9

The Official 3 Stars Brewing Company Launch at ChurchKey!

ChurchKey is ecstatic to be hosting the official launch of 3 Stars Brewing Company, D.C.ís newest addition to the craft-brewing scene. We are getting DC Beer Week started early by welcoming our close buddies, Co-founders Dave Coleman & Mike McGarvey, to ChurchKey for an insane evening of delicious 3 Stars tipples!

Dave and Mike have begun brewing at their Takoma Park location and are ready to unveil their first three releases to the public. For this very special launch, weíre featuring Urban Farmhouse (a Belgian-style Saison), The Southern Belle (an Imperial Brown Ale brewed w/ Pecans), and Pandemic Porter (an American Imperial Porter). Look for these brews on cask as well, spun up nicely with some exotic ingredients in the firkins...as well as some surprises! All 5 of our cask engines will be handed over to the 3 Stars crew, in addition to their 3 draft debuts!

3 Star Brewing Companyís beers will be available in 4-oz tasters and full-glass pours. There is no admission fee for the launch and we start the party promptly at 4 pm when we open the doors!


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Greg Engert


Bummer! Iíll be out of town. Good luck with the launch, canít wait!
        Travlr, 7/25/2012


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