CBE Aged to Perfection Tasting

Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 3:00
44 Stone
3910 Peachtree Drive, Ste. H
Columbia, MO, USA 65203


Arenít we in for a treat? For this yearís special tasting we will be sampling beers aged at least one year or longer. Please let us know on Facebook (or via message if you want to do a surprise) what you plan to bring and see if we canít get some verticals going.

We encourage folks to bring what they can and share with the group, but understand if you canít. For those who would just like to sample or donít have an applicable beer, we ask that bring a $10 donation for this tasting.

There will also be a special contribution from 44 Stone, so be sure and save the date.

RSVP and list your beer here:

Cost: $10 w/no beer

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