Lighthouse Beer Festival

Saturday, October 20, 2012 - General Admission 1pm, VIP 12pm
Lighthouse Festival Grounds
Wilmington, NC, USA 28408


Lighthouse Beer and Wine puts on this fantastic event once a year, always on the 3rd Saturday of October. Mark your calendars for October 20th for the 11th annual Lighthouse Beer Festival!

Tickets go on sale in July! And VIP tickets will sell out even faster than last year—so be on top of your game!

Over 90 craft breweries will be all in one place! There’s no better way to try all the best beers available. We want you to find new and exciting beers that you love to sip. You will want nothing more that to hone your hop tasting, tickle your tongue, and have the best beer-tasting day of the year.

Admission includes entrance to the Lighthouse Beer Festival grounds, a glass to sample with, and more beers than you can ever taste in one day. So check out our guide and start planning your beer wanderings for the day. A free shuttle service to the greater Wilmington area will be available after the festival, so go ahead and enjoy yourself. Food vendors will be on site as well, so you can enjoy delicious foods while you explore the world of hops and grain.


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