BeerNerdz San Diego/Northern California Beer Tasting Challenge


In honor of the great state we live in this themed event is going to encompass the whole state of California. We know San Diego has amazing beer and thought it would be fun to compare what some fabulous Northern California breweries are doing. Weíll match 4 beers from Northern California with 4 similar style beers from San Diego. It will be a great way to see each regions interpretation of a particular style.

This unique blind tasting allows the seasoned beer connoisseur as well as the beer novice to test his or her skills in a fun, social setting. Guests will be given a scorecard with tasting notes, brewery and beer names, alcohol percentage, and IBUís (bitterness scale) to help figure out what beerís what. Compete against other beer enthusiasts to see who can name the most San Diego/Northern California Beers correctly. Itís a great opportunity to sample and learn about some of Californiaís best breweries in a comfortable environment.

Event includes scorecard, light appetizers, bottled water, crackers to help cleanse your palate, and of course a generous sampling of San Diego and Northern California Brews.

Cost: $30-40

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