Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer - Session One


The nationís oldest and largest event featuring all types of beers aged in and on wood returns for the 10th edition this November in Chicagoís Bridgeport neighborhood. 2011 saw over 150 barrel aged beverages to sample from over 50 breweries, representing over half of the United States. The winners of the National Wood Aged Beer Competition are announced during this session. Tickets go on sale on September 1st at fobab.brownpapertickets.com.

Cost: $45

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alexsdad06 11/16/2012
Any suggestions on close hotels? I am coming up for the first time and want to park at the hotel and catch a cab to the festival. I am in the evening session.
Schroppfy 11/6/2012
THIRD TIME IS A MUTHAFUCKINí CHARM. Canít wait to see you all again in the 1st session and meet new peeps!
TheAlum 11/6/2012
Will be in bright and early now. So, Iíll see you you folks sooner rather than later.
CanIHave4Beers 11/1/2012
"Youíre seriously going to wear jorts to this?" -My Wife
NobleSquirrel 11/1/2012
16 more days...
BBB63 10/18/2012
jeez, still a month away... arggh!~