Saturday, December 15, 2012 - Sunday, December 16, 2012 -
Kapelstraat 7
Essen, Belgium B-2910


More than 150 Belgian Christmas and winter beers

Cost: Free Entry

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many, many new beers. That’s cool. The waiting lines outside of 45 minutes were not so cool (’xcept for my feet).
        tderoeck, 12/18/2012
Anyone intrested in an IP trade at Essen?
        Mar02x, 11/26/2012
Will definitely stop by and say hello BlackHaddock.
        auderale, 11/8/2012
I try and go every ’even’ year: Chunnel and hotel booked. Look out for the ’Inflatable Haddock’ if you want to say Hello. <*))))))><
        BlackHaddock, 11/5/2012
Hopefully be there if i don’t have to hard exams the week after ...
        BelgBeerGeek, 10/16/2012