Mass Online tasting returns

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 7:30 Onwards
anywhere theres an internet connection
ratesville, Wales


Was Monthly now a little more sporadic.

This tasting is showcasing

There will be a NEW thread started in the UK forum (as its mostly been UK crowd given the time)

So Grab a bottle and come along and join who ever is online at the time


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In response to The_Bish Its Lozís birthday the following day and she loves Rochefort 10 and my birthday on Friday 16th I also love it.
        Fin, 11/7/2012
Itís my birthday! Thanks everyone for doing this in dedication to me. Ah, Richie, I get it... how could you? Unlucky? Best day this side of 1966.
        The_Bish, 10/24/2012
Got to celebrate you birthday Bish, was you born on a Friday? 26th May 82 was pretty special!
        RichTheVillan, 10/24/2012
Holy cow, this is looking more popular than expected
        cgarvieuk, 10/23/2012