The Official Maine Beer Company Washington, DC Launch!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 - 6pm
1337 14th St NW
Washington, DC, USA 20005


Tuesday, November 6th
6 PM

The Official Maine Beer Company Washington, DC Launch! Amazing Drafts & Bottles + the Debut of Experimental Pilot Brews!

For the past year or so, Beer Director Greg Engert has had to scour the east coast to procure some of his very favorite American Craft brews as they simply were nowhere to be found in the DC region. This made for some very scarce sightings of these brews at BBCK...sightings that were way too few and far between...

Beginning Tuesday, November 6th at 6pm, the elusive ales of Maine Beer Company are finally coming to DC, and fittingly showing their stuff for the first official time at ChurchKey! Maine Beer Company is a tiny outfit from Portland that have been wowing beer lovers lucky enough to taste their restrained-yet-intensely flavorful beers since 2009, and they are kindly sending 4 different bottled brews and 4 different draft ales for this occasion. You do not want to miss this...even though Maine Beer will be available in DC, their small production, coupled with their always impressive commitment to high quality, means that these brews go quickly and remain somewhat rare even in the nation’s capital...

Most exciting may be the opportunity to taste draft of two brand new, never before seen Pilot beers upon which Maine Beer proprietors the Kleban brothers, Dan and Dave, have been recently working: Export Stout (brewed w/ Dark Belgian Candi Sugar) and Hoppy American Dark Ale! Additionally, we’re pouring 4 oz tasters and full glasses of Draft Peeper and MO Pale Ale as well as 4 oz tasters and full glasses of bottled Lunch, Zoe, King Titus And Mean Old Tom!

There is no admission for this event and all 4 oz tasters and full glasses of Maine Beer Company brews will be priced individually.

The Full Maine Beer Company Debut List:
Pilot Export Stout (Draft)
Pilot American Dark Ale (Draft)
Peeper Draft)
MO (Draft)
Lunch (Bottle)
Zoe (Bottle)
King Titus (Bottle)
Mean Old Tom (Bottle)


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