New Belgium & Brewery Vivant Night: The Collaboration Brews, Rarities

Thursday, November 08, 2012 - 6pm
1337 14th St NW
Washington, DC, USA 20005


Thursday, November 8th
6 pm

New Belgium & Brewery Vivant Night: The Collaboration Brews, Rarities, a Special Collaboration Oak Cask of Oscar + Meet New Belgiumís Jaime Mastin!

This event began as something very straightforward and defined: launch the brand new collaboration brew, a Lips of Faith: Biere de Garde, collaborated upon by New Belgium and Brewery Vivant, and brewed at New Belgium. But this low-key (and hugely exciting) debut quickly snowballed into something much more...something massively cool and uber-exciting!

See, Beer Director Greg Engert is also close with the team behind Brewery Vivant, a small, up-and-coming purveyor of craft-brewed farmhouse ales in Michigan, and Brewmaster Jason Spaulding thought it a fine idea to send some Vivant kegs for the event; this ended up including Escoffier Bretta Ale, the second, completely unique collaboration between these two brewers (these are the only kegs of Escoffier shipped outside of Michigan!). Joining Escoffier are three other outstanding Vivant beers, including Farmhand, Big Red Coq and Sgt. Peppercorn!

Not to be outdone, New Belgium upped the ante by deploying one of the coolest craft beer guys around--brewer Jaime Mastin, aka the Love Master (and the THIRD employee of New Belgium Brewing Company)--for this event. Not only will Jaime lend his craft insights and share his craft experiences during our gala, he is also bringing along his constant traveling buddy, a small oak cask from which some serious magic will spring on this evening. Along with said cask, heíll be toting a keg of Oscar Love, the unblended sour brown ale that is used to craft La Folie and many other New Belgium funky treats. Oscar Love will flow into the cask and then the ChurchKey team will add some (to-be-determined) fruit to the sour brew...and then we will serve this totally singular rendition on the spot! A 3rd collaboration, this time between ChurchKey & New Belgium, for a fruited Oud Bruin straight from the wood...

Rounding out this exceptional affair will be a slew of New Belgium-brewed rarities and classics, including the new Lips of Faith: Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout, a CASK of Snow Day Winter Ale, a keg of La Folie 2012, as well as six recent Lips of Faith releases (like Cocoa Mole and Tart Lychee!).

And finally, this event will be one of the first to kick off New Belgiumís "The Glass That Gives" charitable program. For each and every glass of New Belgium brew sold during this event, New Belgium will be donating $1 to a non-profit, and for this edition, the non-profit will be our very own Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture! Huge thanks to New Belgium for supporting our quest to educate and provide locally-grown produce and locally-raised meats to the entirety of our region.

There is no admission for this event and all event brews will be priced individually for 4 oz. tasters and full glass pours.

The Big Event Draft List! 20 Brews in All!
Oscar Love Oak Cask with Fruit (Oak Cask)
New Belgium & Brewery Vivant Lips of Faith: Biere de Garde
Brewery Vivant & New Belgium Escoffier Bretta Ale
New Belgium Lips of Faith: Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout
Brewery Vivant Farmhand
New Belgium La Folie
Brewery Vivant Big Red Coq
New Belgium & Lost Abbey Lips of Faith: Brett Beer
Brewery Vivant Sgt. Peppercorn
New Belgium Lips of Faith:Cocoa Mole
New Belgium Lips of Faith: Tart Lychee
New Belgium Lips of Faith: Peach Porch Lounger
New Belgium Lips of Faith: Biere de Mars
New Belgium Lips of Faith: Prickly Passion
New Belgium Snow Day
New Belgium Snow Day (Cask)
New Belgium Fat Tire
New Belgium Blue Paddle
New Belgium 1554
New Belgium Ranger IPA


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