Winter Beerfest


Join us on Thanksgiving weekend and give thanks for all the wonderful craft beers that have come into our lives over the last several years. We will have on tap more than 100 beers that will tickle your tongue and warm your belly with big bold flavors and spices from around the world.
This is craft beer at its finest. We have many spiced ales and strong ales that breweries all over the country brew only once a year. We have double and tripple IPAs and Imperial stouts along with wheat beers, pilsners and pale ales. We’ll even have ciders too. There will be something for everyone to enjoy.
WinterBeerFest is dedicated to bringing you the best beers available and we pride ourselves on bringing you the newest breweries to hit the Pennsylvania market. Some of the newcomers this year are: Neshaminy Creek, Clown Shoes, Round Guy and more. Go to our website to check out a complete list.
The admission price is $40.00 which gets you all the samples you want for the whole session. Only 900 tickets will be sold so get them while you can!
Come join the fun!

Cost: $40/presold, $50/at door

Contact Info: Barry ( 267-345-3702


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