Mass Online Tasting- Fullers Vintages

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 -
anywhere theres an internet connection
The Bat Cave
Gotham City, Tibet


Monthly Online tasting

This tasting is showcasing Fuller Vintage Ales

There will be a NEW thread started in the UK forum (as its mostly been UK crowd given the time)

So Grab a bottle and come along and join who ever is online at the time


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Last night I tried a 2012 (thereís a story behind it, I wouldnít normally drink it young). I have a 2005 which is my absolute favourite vintage so I might have a go at that, have them from 2003 onwards. Dave
        ReV2, 12/10/2012
2007 and 2011 in my stash: Iíll only be having one though, itís my local CAMRA branch Christmas Thrunge on the 11th, so my tasting will be fairly early chaps. <*))))))><
        BlackHaddock, 12/3/2012
I will be drinking 2012 I think, just need to find a bottle
        harrisoni, 11/28/2012
Got 97 and 2000. Looking for 98
        Dedollewaitor, 11/27/2012
The last couple of bottles of í99 I had were pretty sub standard compared to a year or so ago - Iíd get them supped up Phil!
        Theydon_Bois, 11/27/2012
Hmm. I just drank a 2007 a few days ago. Think Iím out of 2009 as well. Might have to slum it and go 2010 then.
        zimbo, 11/27/2012
Plan: 1999 (only two bottles left), 2008 (a tick!), 2011 (only previously had fresh, which was too raw), and *maybe* 2012
        FatPhil, 11/27/2012