Brooklyn Breweries Tasting

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 7:00 pm
Keg N Cork
3845 99th Street
Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 6H6


Lets try some of the specialty beers that Brooklyn has to offer.

1. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace - keg
2. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - keg
3. Brooklyn Brewmaster Reserve Back in Black - keg
4. Brooklyn Black Ops - bottles
5. Brooklyn Winter Ale - bottles

Cost: TBD

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Event is sold out.
        Ferris, 1/29/2013
If one had an engagement ending at 7:20, and would likely only be able to arrive at around 7:50-ish, would said individual miss out on anything/everything?
        Globlauch, 1/18/2013
whatís the deal with back in black? canít find any info on their website or in the RB database!
        gramity, 12/31/2012


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