Pliny The Younger Day 2013 at 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill

Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 10am
38 Degrees Ale House & Grill
100 Main Street, , CA
Alhambra, CA, USA 91801


tís beer loverís favorite time of the year, weíre talking about Pliny The Younger season. Russian River Brewing of Santa Rosa, CA brews a Triple IPA with loads and loads of hops once a year, and only the finest craft beer establishments, mostly in California, get a limited quantity of this gold.

We are happy to announce that 38 Degrees Alehouse and Grill was once again honored by being selected as one of those few craft beer bars to receive Pliny The Younger. To celebrate, we will be holding a very special event February 16, 2013 to ensure as many of our loyal, hop thirsty fans can try this beautiful beer.

Beginning at 10am, 38 Degrees will be handing out tickets at the front of the beer bar, which will entitle you to an amazing flight of Russian River Beers including:

Pliny The Younger, Pliny The Elder, Blind Pig IPA and 1 special Russian River Beer TBD.

This allows for you to enjoy and compare these wonderful beers, and allows us to let approximately 300 people the chance to try this sought after hop monster.

What: Pliny The Younger Day at 38

Where: 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill Alhambra Ė 100 Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801

When: Saturday February 16, 2013. Line begins at 10am, Doors open at 11am.

Why: Because you have Pliny Fever!

Cost: $14.00 per flight


Contact Info

(626) 282-2038


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