Sixpoint Brewing Tasting with brewer Jan Matysiak - Free to Everyone

Saturday, March 02, 2013 - 1pm until we run or beer or interest!
Tullyís Beer & Wine
45 Wells Plaza
Wells, ME, USA 04090


Luckily enough for me I met Jan Matysiak from Sixpoint at The Festival US hosted by Shelton Brothers this past June in Worcester. He said heíd like to come to Maine. So I asked him to come to my store and talk about Sixpoint. Apparently itís pretty slow in New York in March because he agreed.

Weíll be welcoming Jan Matysiak from Sixpoint Brewery from 1pm-4pm on Saturday March 2nd here at Tullyís Beer & Wine in the Hannaford Plaza, Route 1, Wells, Maine. We will be tasting ANY and everything available from the brewery at that time. Please join us, itís not everyday we get a head brewer in the door, itís kind of a special occasion for us and should be for the kind of beer geek fans we have here at Tullyís. All you home brewers that love to come here to talk brewing will have an opportunity to discuss all the science details that the Beerlady canít get into.

Another tidbit, in an effort to make his trip from New York more beneficial for Jan, we coordinated a beer dinner at Cornerstone Artisanal Pizza in Ogunquit for the Monday night following our Saturday tasting. Information can be found on their FB page or ours.

Beers being tasted this weekend:

Sixpoint 3 Beans
Sixpoint Bengali Tiger
Sixpoint Brownstone
Sixpoint Resin
Sixpoint Righteous Ale
Sixpoint Sweet Action
Sixpoint The Crisp

Cost: Free, zero, zilch, $0

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Dawn Tully


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