Hunahpu’s Day 2013

Saturday, March 09, 2013 - 9:00 AM - ???
Cigar City Brewing
3924 W. Spruce St
Tampa, FL, USA 33607


The 4th Annual Hunahpu’s Day Release Party is set for Saturday, March 9th at Cigar City Brewing. This will also be the 2nd time Hunahpu’s Day has been featured for Tampa Bay Beer Week.

Just like the previous three years, we’re devoting an entire day to the release and turning our brewery into an event that can only be described as "a lot of people drinking, eating and having an awesome time."

- Saturday, March 9th, 2013. The gates will open at 7:50am. Feel free to line up outside beforehand, but the event will not start till the gates open at 7:50am. We’ll be checking ID’s when you enter the gate, so have your photo ID ready.
- Draft beers will start pouring at 9:00am. That is the earliest we can legally pour beer.
- Breakfast will be made available once the gates open.
- Upon entering you will receive two wristbands: one to show that you’re at least 21 years old and the other to secure your right to purchase Hunahpu’s.
- The bottles of Hunahpu’s will go on sale at 12:00pm, or when the last wristband is handed out, whichever comes first.

- Cigar City Brewing, 3924 W. Spruce St, Tampa FL 33607. Click here for a Google Maps link. We are located very close to Tampa International Airport.
- The entire parking lot will be closed off and wet-zoned for the event, meaning there will be no parking on our property.
- We are also closing off all parking at the brewery on Friday, March 8th. This will give us plenty of time to set-up and make sure everything goes as smooth as possible for Hunahpu’s Day.

- Expect very limited parking, so car-pooling is advised.
- Parking will be available at the Sears & Roebuck Building just down the street from the brewery at 4005 W Spruce St. Here is a simple map that should explain it pretty well. There will be plenty of signs and staff to help with parking. This goes for both Friday and Saturday.


- Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout is $20 per bottle.
- There is a 3 bottle limit per person for the first 4,000 people to receive wristbands.
- There is a 2 bottle limit per person for the next 1,000 people to receive wristbands.
- You will receive a special wristband based on your limit for bottles. You can only have one wristband.
- The wristbands are ABSOLUTELY required for purchase of Hunahpu’s bottles and will be cut off of your wrist by an employee upon purchase. If you lose it we are very sorry but this is non-negotiable. Wristbands are handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis while supplies last, limited one per person.
- All bottle sales will be cash only.
- The bottle limit will end at 5:00pm. That means if you have a wristband you are ONLY guaranteed to your allotment until 5:00pm. If there are any bottles remaining, you will be able to purchase any amount of bottles you want (with a limit of one case, or 12 bottles), regardless of whether you’ve purchased any before or not. However quantities are limited so there is no guarantee there will be any bottles available at 5:00pm.
- We will have several different sales points throughout the event to purchase the bottles. Exact locations will be determined and will made known on the day of the event by usage of signs.

- We are going to sell special tokens for $5 a piece. These tokens will be good for ANY purchase on Hunahpu’s Day, excluding food trucks and non-affiliated vendors. This means you can use $5 tokens to purchase any beer, bottle, merchandise, etc., of equal value, inside the tasting room and outside. So in essence, a $5 token is equivalent to a $5 bill. There will be several booths selling tokens scattered around the lot. These tokens will be redeemable on Hunahpu’s Day only.


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