Voodoo Barrel Room Collection Release

Saturday, March 23, 2013 - 10AM
Voodoo Brewery
215 Arch St
Meadville, PA, USA 16335


Piece by piece, more details on Voodoo’s first Barrel Room Collection release party on March 23 at 10am are trickling in from the brewery. A complete list of beers, limits and pricing was posted yesterday via Facebook and BeerAdvocate:

Buffalo Trace Black Magick (12oz)- 552 bottles, limit 3/person, $8/bottle
Pappy Van Winkle Black Magick (12oz)- 523 bottles, limit 3/person, $10/bottle
Laird’s Apple Brandy Black Magick (12oz)- 174 bottles, limit 2/person, $10/bottle
Buffalo Trace Big Black Voodoo Daddy (22oz)- 268 bottles, limit 1/person, $17/bottle
Pappy Van Winkle Big Black Voodoo Daddy (22oz)- 267 bottles, limit 1/person, $19/bottle
Laird’s Apple Brandy Big Black Voodoo Daddy (22oz)- 171 bottles, limit 1/person, $19/bottle
Laird’s Apple Brandy Gran Met (22oz)- 398 bottles, limit 1/person, $19/bottle
Further details for the satellite release at Blue Dog in Lansdale Chalfont are still pending, but Voodoo has already stated 25% of the allocation will be headed there, so expect even smaller limits than above. Looks like people will be arriving early for this one…stay tuned for more info as it comes out from the brewery.


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