Cambridge Brewing Company’s 24th Anniversary Party

Saturday, May 04, 2013 - 12pm-1pm
Cambridge Brewing Company
1 Kendall Square, Bldg 100
Cambridge, MA, USA 02139


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yes, you read that right, it was 24 years ago that Phil “Brewdaddy”Bannatyne
opened up a little brewery right in Kendall Square.

This year’s all-day bash with be held on Saturday, May 4th from
12pm – 1am. Again we’ll pull out all the stops to have the best party possible.
It’s set to be a massive tour de force of beer, food, and general

We’ll have CBC favorites like The Audacity of Hops and Biere de Miel
as well as newer beers like Rye, Rye, Rocco
and Pearls of Wisdom. And Will and the Brew Crew have brewed up a brand
new beer in honor of the 24th Anniversary: it is tentatively being called
“24.” The full beer list is below.

And there’s huge news from Chef David too. We will be smoking
and roasting a whole pig on the patio grill to serve throughout the day!
This isn’t just any pig either; this pig was raised on the spent grain
from each brew day here at CBC! The pig comes from our friend
Antonio Fontes, who owns a small, low key farm raising cattle and pigs.

Don’t forget the Matt Berlin Band will be here from 6 – 9 on
the patio to keep tempo with the night.

So please join us for a pint (or several) on Saturday May 4th anytime,
or all day, to celebrate. There’s no cover and no tickets to buy. Just
bring yourself, your friends and family, and your fondest CBC
memories and I’ll see you then!

Regatta Golden 5.50 pint 2.00 sample
Cambridge Amber 5.50 pint 2.00 sample
Tall Tale Pale Ale 5.50 pint 2.00 sample
Charles River Porter 5.50 pint 2.00 sample
Spring Training IPA 5.50 teardrop 2.00 sample
Tripel Threat 6.25 tulip 3.00 sample
Bitchin’ Bitter 5.75 pint 2.00 sample
YouEnjoyMyStout 5.75 snifter 3.00 sample
Golden Lambic 5.75 flute 2.00 sample
The Audacity of Hops 6.25 tulip 3.00 sample
“24” 7.00 petit 3.50 sample
Higgs Boson 5.75 teardrop 3.00 sample
Cerise Cassée 6.25 flute 3.00 sample
2011 Bannatyne’s Scotch Ale 6.25 teardrop 3.00 sample
Ozymandias 6.75 petit 3.00 sample
Bière de Miel 5.25 petit 2.00 sample
Pearls of Wisdom 5.75 flute 3.00 sample
Me, My Spelt, and Rye 5.75 tulip 3.00 sample
Rye, Rye, Rocco 6.00 flute 3.00 sample
Flower Child IPA cask conditioned 6.00 pint 3.00 sample

Regatta Golden 5.50 pint
Cambridge Amber 5.50 pint
Tall Tale Pale Ale 5.50 pint
Charles River Porter 5.50 pint
Spring Training IPA 5.50 pint
Bitter 5.75 pint
Chico Suave 6.00 pint
Sgt. Pepper 6.25 pint
Smokin’ in the Valley 5.75 pint
2010 Heather Ale 6.00 pint
Flower Child IPA cask conditioned 6.00 pint


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