Dr. Owl’s Malk Likka Going Away Tasting

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 1:00pm
Green Room
228 3rd St N
Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA


I will soon be moving to Valdosta, GA to teach full-time at VSU!

I am having a going away tasting at Green Room on July 13th at 1pm. Four local breweries are supplying malt liquors for the occasion.

Out of towners - don’t feel obligated - just wanted to let you know you’re welcome!

Green Room Edward Forty Hands(plain malt liquor)
Green Room Frans Forty Hands (Jagermeister soaked oak chips)
Green Room Cletus Forty Hands (cherry moonshine soaked oak chips)

Intuition Jorts (plain malt liquor)
Intuition Cutoff (beedchwood aged jorts)

Aardwolf Raspberry Black & Mild Malt Liquor (Wolf Piss)

Engine 15 Purple Drink (malt liquor aged with grape Kool-Aid)

I have also traded for some rare/cool malt liquors:

Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt
Simple Malt Série Limitée - Maltus
Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity (4%)
Olde English 3.2
Random Canadian malt liquors (thanks, mathieuc!)
Random Swedish malt liquors (thanks, blomster!)

We may also have some normal beers there. No promises.

...I am going to be hungover as FUCK.

Cost: Free, pay for tap beer

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Wish I wasn’t leaving back for Alaska before this. Best of luck Danny!
        SHIG, 7/1/2013
Best of luck to you, Danny! I will be out of town that week.
        markwise, 6/26/2013
There will also be some Swedish gems there from blomster!
        drowland, 6/22/2013
        t0rin0, 6/21/2013


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