Ratebeer Winter Gathering 2014

Thursday, February 06, 2014 - Sunday, February 09, 2014 -
Various Locations
Asheville, NC, USA


If you have listed yourself as an attendee on the RBWG event page by noon on 12/22, you should have a message from b3shine or jcwattsrugger by the end of this evening. People who havenít registered on the event page should view the RBWG thread for additional details and contact b3shine for ticket info.

GT Beer List link:

*Jan 1st-For those attending their 1st RB Gathering, Beau and I plan to mention some hints/suggestions. Here is the start:
The Meet and Greet/Welcome Dinner includes a bottle share-please bring 1 or 2 bottles with you.
The Bus Tour includes a bottle share-please bring 1 or 2 bottles with you.
The Grand Tasting IS a bottle share-please bring a few bottles with you, and add the beers to the gDoc, linked above.
Questions? Just bm/beermail Beau or me.
cheers, john

downtowninnandsuites.com is the economic hotel choice


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What time does the Thursday dinner start and when does it end?
        thebaldwizard, 1/19/2014
Wait, there is a Gathering this year? ;)
        Dogbones, 1/14/2014
This is going to be epic. So many of you shitheads I canít wait to hang with again; some to drink away our years of conflict, some to just drink away, and some to meet for the first time, in person. Weíll all be friends by the end.
        TheBeerSommelier, 1/11/2014
Ok, should be set on hotel now. Thanks!!
        GT2, 12/30/2013
Looking forward to this. Thanks for those who put this together. Can not wait! BTW...I will be bringing Brothers Drake Apple Pie, and Rockmill Super Saison for the Grand. I will update on the share doc.
        michcam8, 12/28/2013
Room at Aloft booked and paid for. Bus tour package confirmed and paid for. 6 more weeks of waiting to go.....
        dmac, 12/26/2013
Are Joet, Tibs AND ScottPurchase really coming t this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1/1/1/1
        StFun, 12/17/2013
Tibs picked up some new releases from Jackie Oís; will grab some WV beers for you all state raters
        aobecksy, 12/16/2013
What haps, chaps? This is gonna rock!
        MaxxDaddy, 12/14/2013
this is starting to look real awesome
        beastiefan2k, 12/8/2013
Flying in Wednesday. Looking forward to this!
        blomster, 12/8/2013
Oh shit, rbwg in my state!!! Might have to get all matt dick in wisconsin on you bitches!!!!
        TURDFERGUSON, 11/26/2013
wat during sf beer week? looking pretty much in at this point
        joet, 11/22/2013
I hope to be an Asheville local by then. I cant wait to meet the fake account LENINCAT. That would rock!
        Shag, 11/18/2013
        radarsock, 11/13/2013
        LeninCat, 11/12/2013
It is good to know it is close enough that I wonít have such a hitchhike this time
        decaturstevo, 11/11/2013
Fuck it, Iím in shitheads.
        adnielsen, 11/10/2013
Fuck it, Iím in shitheads.
        adnielsen, 11/10/2013