Area 51 First Anniversary Party

Sunday, February 02, 2014 -
Area 51 Craft Brewery
7123 Arlington Avenue Suite A
Riverside, CA, USA 92503


Area 51 Craft Brewery will celebrate itís FIRST ANNIVERSARY! Sunday, February 2nd at the brewery in Riverside, CA. Now put this on your planner!


Contact Info

951 351-2600


Iím going to RBWG so if there are bottles you want to send, let me know
        GT2, 12/30/2013
I canít think of a better early Birthday gift to myself! What a treat.
        ChinoSkillzian, 12/30/2013
No details released yet. Might be some wales shit on tap. This will also be just in time to get some growlers filled for RBWG.
        t0rin0, 12/30/2013
As Area 51s biggest fan, I should probably be in attendance.
        brokensail, 12/30/2013


If You're Staying Local
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