2nd Annual Cincinnati Craft Breweries’ StarkBier Fest

Friday, March 28, 2014 - Saturday, March 29, 2014 - Friday: 5pm-Midnight; Saturday: 9am-11pm
Listermann Brewing Co.
1621 Dana Ave.
Cincinnati, OH, USA 45207


The idea for a Starkbier Festival goes back to the 1700s when the German monks made strong beers for their nutritional values to help them get through fasting during Lent. All of the beers present were 7.5% or higher. Continuing with this tradition, most of the beers present at the Cincy Starkbierfest will be 7.5% or higher and all will be made right here in Cincinnati. There will be a few lighter beers on draft for those who don’t love the heavy stuff.

The Breweries involved are: Blank Slate, Fifty West, Christian Moerlein, Rock Bottom, Rivertown, Mt. Carmel, MadTree, Cellar Dweller, Wiedemann, Quaff Bros, Bad Tom, Rhinegiest, Ei8ht Ball, Triple Digit, and Listermann.

Like the all of our festivals, this event will be family friendly, have live music and serve traditional food. More info on the music and food venders will be provided later. Friday will begin at 5 pm, with more details to come on Food options. Saturday will start at 9 a.m. with Kegs and Eggs in the tasting room. The ceremonial keg tapping will be held at 4 pm Saturday. We all know how weather in March can be so we took the guessing out of the equation. There will be tents with walls and heaters so the event will go on rain or shine.

All Music, Food and types of beer are still being worked out.

For special accommodations or questions, call Listermann’s at 513-731-1130 or email Jason at Jason@listermannbrewing.com


Contact Info

513 731-1130


It’s a free event. As is with every Listermann fest, you just pay for the beer tickets and come and go as you please.
        DrSilverworm, 3/28/2014
link to the cost info won’t open. it’s prolly due to the http://https://www. portion
        Chudwick, 3/28/2014


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