Washington Postís Beer Madness

Friday, March 21, 2014 - Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 5 PM
Meridian Pint
3400 11th Street NW
Washington, DC, USA 20010


This year Meridian Pint has the privilege of hosting the Washington Postís Beer Madness. We selected 32 brews from 32 local breweries all of which are under 8%, made in DC, MD, VA, DE or PA, and fit into one of four accessible flavor categories: Crisp, Malt, Hop, and Fruit & Spice (borrowed from Greg Engert of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group). Nothing is barrel aged and there are no extreme additions. The idea is to highlight beers readily accessible to consumers in the DMV during March Madness and to determine which one people most want to enjoy while watching the tournament. Check out what the Washington Post has to say about Beer Madness http://goo.gl/VgF6LG.

On Friday, March 21st, we will tap the beers from the Crisp and Malt sections. These selections will be available for purchase in 4oz and full pours and most will be on through Sunday night. Here are the entries:

Heavy Seas Gold Ale
Dominion Lager
Right Proper Ornette (very limited due to availability!)
Stillwater Classique
Sly Fox Helles Golden
Bluejacket Forbidden Planet Kolsch (due to distribution issues this beer will not be available during this round. It is regularly available at Bluejacket)
Legend Pilsner
Lost Rhino Zlaty Czech Pils

Union Balt Altbier
Atlas District Common
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager
Chocolate City Copper Ale
Alewerks Tavern Ale
Burley Oak íMerika
Evolution Lucky 7 Porter
District Chophouse Nut Brown Ale

On Monday, March 24th, we will tap the beers from the Hop and Fruit & Spice sections.

On Wednesday, March 26th, the Washington Post will announce the first round of winners which were determined by our official judges. From this point until Tuesday, April 22nd, Meridian Pint will hold one or two official match-ups every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. On these days patrons can request to do the Beer Madness blind tasting of the day. A free 1oz pour of the competing beers will be presented to the customer who will then cast a vote for their preferred offering. Winners will advance to the next round until we can crown a winner on Wednesday, April 23rd. Match-ups will be announced through twitter (@MeridianPint) and will also be updated here.

Itís going to be a great tournament so come out and watch the games and help us determine the best beer to go along with them!

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