Open Bottle Share at GT2ís Place

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 5pm
GT2ís Cat Cabana (beermail me for details)
6520 Ambrosia Ln
Carlsbad, CA, USA 92011


Please only bring 1-2 beers to share. We are usually more in need of snacks and palate cleansers: sparkling mineral water, charcuterie, cheese, crackers, bread, pickled veggies, sausage, etc.

I have cats, so please heed if you are allergic.

Please post the beers you are bringing to the thread here:

Cost: bring beer, snacks

Contact Info



I have room for up to 6-7 people to crash with me if you donít mind snuggling. Guest bedroom is open. I have cats if you are allergic. Emperor size couch C@;s welcome as always. Tastybeer welcome
        GT2, 4/25/2014
@Nielsen you flyiní in for this or wat bro?
        ChinoSkillzian, 4/2/2014
c@es welcome?
        adnielsen, 4/1/2014
Iím glad you have embraced the name "GT2ís Cat Cabana"
        brokensail, 4/1/2014
you must have an emperorís size bed
        TURDFERGUSON, 4/1/2014


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