Brewers Droop’s 30th Anniversary Brew-bilee!

Friday, May 16, 2014 - Sunday, May 18, 2014 - From 3pm on Friday until Close on Sunday
The Crofters Rights
The Crofters Rights, 117 - 119 Stokes Croft
Bristol, Somerset, England BS1 3PY


Join us for a FREE weekend of great local Craft Beer on draft (surplus to what would already be available on the bar) and Live Music from 3pm on Friday 16th May until Close on Sunday 18th!

We will also be graced by a number of guest brewers who’ll be giving tasting talks on their beers, talking about brewing signing autographs (havent confirmed that but why not?) and answering any questions you may have in ’meet the brewer’ sessions all the way through the days.

CHOMP Bristol will also be joining us in order to provide nutritious, tasty burger-like mealsnacks (Burgers) for both Carnatarians and Vegetarians. How nice!

Bring your favourite glass (though glasses will be provided and you wouldn’t want to break your favourite glass) and fill it up with all the Craft Brews made in or near Bristol that you could ever desire!

We will also be talking about homebrew, how to do it, what stuff you need and how much it’ll cost to get started (answer: not much).

Bring on the Brew-bilee!


Cost: FREE!

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